Featured Artist: Katelyn clemons



My name is Katelyn and I'm currently in my third year of design school. I love colors, materials, thrifting, music and Mexican food. I'm a product design student so I don't often get the chance anymore to just make art , so when I got the opportunity to design some things for a "for cause" clothing brand, I was really excited! A lot of what i've learned about the design process in my classes has influenced how I approach any new project- idea generation is important. So whether it be in class or for a commissioned piece, I think the most natural place to start is with idea generation. And for me, since i'm a visual person- that means rapid idea generation in the form of lots of drawings and thumbnails, different styles, layouts and concepts. If you do this over and over, it becomes a sort of brain/creative warm up. Since the designs I created for commonwealth are hand lettered, (lettering is one of the things I love doing outside of class) a lot of my process was playing around with different letter styles, heights, baselines on paper and letting myself do (almost) without judgement until I managed to put something on the page that I was semi-proud of. Next, i'd take the design to illustrator to digitize and work from there- and then the most rewarding part was playing around with color variations just for my own personal enjoyment once the process was over. And of course, through all of this I was corresponding with the brand to make sure my progress was satisfactory. I'm super excited to see everything come together once the shirts are released, and it makes it even sweeter that commonwealth is a brand with a purpose.


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